Testimonials & Reviews

I was very impressed with both the intern working with Dr. Rascoff and Dr. Rascoff. They were both thorough, and I didn’t feel at all rushed with the whole process. I’m quite pleased that Dr. Rascoff will be doing my surgery in January.

Jacqueline B.

Very short wait. Dr. Rascoff was busy and so I was seen by Nurse Practitioner, Cary Oaster, who was very knowledgeable and helpful. Took time to answer many questions. Terrific!

– Jean O.

I liked Dr. Guess very much. It was my first visit with her since Dr. Davis retired, and it was a seamless transition. She took time to get to know me and answer all of my questions. I couldn’t have been more satisfied!

– Ann

Love Dr. Rascoff! She is a very skilled surgeon. Very happy with outcome of my surgery.

– Anonymous

This experience was the very best I have ever had in the medical field. I have unfortunately had a lot of health-related problems in my life. I have had numerous doctor visits. I saw Doctor Guess two times and it was the best experience I have ever had. The office was extremely clean, the staff was so caring and professional. My appointment was on time and Dr. Guess was incredible! Such an awesome experience!!!

– Geraldine Peter

The care is phenomenal! Dr. Davis (retired) did my surgery a year ago and now I am seeing Dr. Guess and I am more than satisfied!! The doctors will take all the time you need to have your concerns and questions answered. All of the doctors and staff are extremely professional, competent and caring.

– Carol Krutzke

I have complete confidence in Dr. Davis’s expertise. I am very satisfied with the non-surgical approach that she prescribed for me and the opportunity for ongoing care. I travel 35 miles each way to Aurora and find it to be well worth it. Thank you.

– Anonymous

Dr. Connell is the most knowledgeable and compassionate doctor I have ever met. I am recommending her to all my friends.”

– Jeanie

“This was a bit scary for me, considering I’d never had one or more organs removed from my body. It would have been easy to chicken out. In the end, it was my confidence in Dr. Davis and her team that made the difference. I feel lucky to have had such a skilled surgeon.”

– Anonymous