Worst Sex Misconception: Only Guys Have Issues With Sexual Dysfunction

CU Urogynecology’s Dr. Guess says cause of women’s lack of orgasm isn’t as easy to identify as in men

Dr. Guess discusses female sexual dysfunction as the biggest misconception about sex she encounters | CU Urogynecology | Denver,CO

How to tell sexual fact from fiction? Sex coaches, fertility experts and couples therapists discuss the biggest misconceptions about sex they encounter. Sharing with The Hamilton Spectator and stuff.co.nz, Dr. Marsha K. Guess considers the biggest sexual dysfunction to be that only guys have issues with sexual dysfunction.

There’s a misconception that female sexual dysfunction isn’t a medical or physical condition. For men, it’s easy to look at and see what the problem is. For women, they can tell you they’re not having orgasms, but they can’t exactly come in and show you the problem.”

Dr. Guess

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