How to Resolve Buttock Pain After Giving Birth

Dr. Birnbaum tells Romper that anal fissures, hemorrhoids and infection around the anus area are the cause of postpartum buttock pain

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Talking to Romper, Dr. Elisa Birnbaum explains the signs of three main issues that can cause discomfort and/or buttock pain postpartum. The issues include a small tear in the thin tissue that lines the anus, swollen veins in the lowest part of the rectum and anus, and infection related to tearing or an episiotomy.

She also offers suggestions to resolve these issues. The treatments are increasing water intake, trying stool softeners or laxatives, drainage of the wound, or taking antibiotics. If pain persists, Dr. Birnbaum recommends seeing your doctor.

If the swelling does not resolve or the pain is unbearable, a doctor might be able to excise the clot to relieve the swelling.Dr. Birnbaum

How to treat buttock pain