Things Women Should Know About Their Pelvic Floor

CU urogynecologist shares with Shape how women can take better care of their pelvic health

Dr. Rascoff shares with Shape magazine, logo shown here, about things women should know about their pelvic floor | CU Urogynecology | Denver, CO The pelvic floor is made up of the muscles that support your pelvic organs. Experts advise correct use of these muscles to improve them and to prevent dysfunction and pelvic disorders. But many women don’t know where to begin in taking control of the health of these precious muscles.

Dr. Lauren G. Rascoff spoke with Shape about the importance of pelvic muscles, and why the risk of floor problems is a concern for not only pregnant women.

As a urogynecologist, I see a lot of women who have pelvic floor issues who have not been pregnant.”Dr. Rascoff


Take Better Care of Your Pelvic Floor