Bladder Leakage Is the Silent Epidemic

Our doctors shared with InStyle why transparency and education are important when it comes to incontinence and bladder leakage

Dr. Guess and Dr. Connell spoke with InStyle, logo shown here, about incontinence in women | CU Urogynecology | Denver, CODr. Marsha K. Guess and Dr. Kathleen Connell spoke with InStyle about why discussing incontinence and loss of bladder control should not be a taboo topic, even though many women treat it as such. They recommend that patients invite friends over for dinner and after some wine, discuss the topic of incontinence and bladder leakage.

Nobody wants to cross that line because of social stigmas, but once you start talking about it, people really open up. They think it’s an elderly person’s problem. But so many young women are incontinent, too.”Dr. Connell

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