University of Colorado Hospital’s Multidisciplinary Women’s Pelvic Health and Surgery Clinic

In order to expedite the care of our patients, UC Health has developed a multidisciplinary Women’s Pelvic Health & Surgery Clinic that allows a patient to see all the relevant providers and to complete their evaluation with just one visit. Our comprehensive medical resources enable patients to have an initial consultation, testing, follow-up visits, and any needed medical procedures all in one location.

The state-of-the-art facilities in University of Colorado Hospital’s multidisciplinary Women’s Pelvic Health and Surgery Clinic is unique because it’s the only one in Colorado. It allows our team of physicians to achieve superior results in treating pelvic floor disorders ranging from routine outpatient visits to the most complex operations.

Women’s Pelvic Health and Surgery is a multidisciplinary group that draws on the expertise of gynecologists, pelvic floor physical therapists, and urologists. This endeavor at the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, CO brings together a complete team of health care professionals to treat benign disorders of the pelvic floor such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Optimal care for patients with pelvic floor disorders requires a multidisciplinary approach, with consultation and evaluation from providers with specialized training in this field. At University of Colorado Hospital, patients can receive streamlined service for evaluation and care of pelvic floor disorders.

Our surgeons are integral members of your care team, collaborating with referring physicians to achieve optimum results. Our dedication to providing expert and compassionate care makes an important difference in our patients’ treatment and changes their outlook on the future. Our physicians show women how they can achieve a renewed state of health they may have not thought possible.

A typical evaluation for a patient with pelvic floor disorders includes a consultation with a female pelvic surgeon, a pelvic examination, urine testing, urodynamics testing, and if needed a surgical consultation. At other institutions, it can take several months to schedule all the appropriate tests and consultations and it requires multiple visits for the patient.

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